Salesforce Pardot

We automate the lead generation & nurturing process to never let a lead RIP.

Seamless CRM Integration: An impeccable CRM integration with Pardot may make the job much easier for sales teams. Sending the right data back to sales teams such as scoring rules, visitor behaviour and other sales indicators will amplify their prospecting and allow them to create more opportunities.

Design Email, Landing Pages & Forms: Our experts go beyond basic templates and create customized designs based on your audience and industry. By generating right kind of marketing content for drip campaigns with point to action drive prospects to the landing pages to buy or enquire an offer.

SEO & Social Media Integration: With google analytics, facebook, linkedin and other social media integration, We drive you to a lot of user behaviour information based on their website visits, business keywords and their ranking. The same can be analyzed against your competition.

Data Segmentation: With loads of customer data such as leads, contacts, accounts & opportunities, it is imperative to do the right segmentations for a targeted campaign. With CRM expertise, we are able to define and segregate your data based on your past communication with them.

Engagement Programs: Whether you want to do a drip campaign, renew a subscription, create an opportunity, change the customer journey or send some specific information on a specific prospect behaviour, we help you create those workflows to define customer journeys.

Real Time Sales Alerts: With all the marketing efforts, it is important to connect with your prospects at the right time. What could be better than engaging with them when they are engaged with your campiagns? We generate such real time alerts for your sales teams to they can quickly pickup the phone and create opportunities.