Most businesses understand the concepts of SEO (search engine optimization) and the significance it has in your overall digital strategy. Nevertheless, some businesses struggle with where to start…

Strategy & Planning

Your local SEO agency, A4DM, knows the importance of developing key words, strong SEO copywriting, and social platform advertising. We also understand that remaining current and relevant by updating your site with news or information, and understanding the data that shows your traffic and revenue is all crucial to a successful business/industry. Your website and social media must be compelling not only to human visitors, but to search engine crawlers and robots as well.

For this reason, keywords can make or break your SEO strategy. Are you utilizing the proper terms that your target markets are searching for? Each landing page on your website must contain relevant content for potential and current clients to enhance their experience. They also must contain the proper trigger terms in order to rank on search engines like Google and Yahoo.

As an SEO web franchise, we understand that SEO strategies can be extremely time consuming. A4DM helps to show you the results of the labor with monthly SEO reports examining your company’s traction on a weekly and monthly basis to ensure your SEO strategy is success. These comprehensive reports explain where your traffic is coming from, what content is effective, and wat time of visitors are coming to your site.

Knowing the ins and outs of your business and where it is going is the most important piece of information for implementing an effective digital strategy. Others may try to overwhelm you with lots of acronyms and fancy technologies. We, at A4DM, prefer to do it with results. As business people, we know that's what ultimately matters. Driving traffic to your site in order to drive your revenue is our mission!

At A4DM, we are a combination of seasoned business people who understand profit and loss statements (P&L’s) as well as HTML5, PHP and Customer relationship management (CRM). We are a web design agency that consists of a team of html 5 developers who are experts at creating and optimizing functional websites that encompass everything your potential, or current, clients need to know about your industry. We’re much more than developers and business people however – we are writers, marketers, researchers, and internet users who want to see your business grow online!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a crucial aspect of any company, involving managing the interaction between current and future clients. Analyzing data, mining, correlation, and observing patterns that can simplify decision making within your company. Our technology at A4DM consists of many tools and will vary depending on the unique objective and goals of your company. We strive to keep it simple for our clients throughout the process of implementing their digital strategy.

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