Salesforce CRM

Our Certified Salesforce CRM Consultants help you implement any Salesforce product and customize it to map your business processes.

Sales Cloud: Are your revenues taking a nosedive? Are critical tasks like finding customers, closing deals, and growing accounts getting tougher? Inject sales cloud into the system of your organization. With Sales Cloud you could classify customer requirements, deliverables, targets, resources and overall business scope and viability. Customize and connect cross-functional teams, automate sales processes, reduce the team’s manual tasks, with features like contact collaboration and management, sales forecasting, marketing tools, and more. Sales Cloud assimilates and filters data to make insightful decisions and accelerate productivity that directly boots sales. It’s an imperative tool to grow in competitive times.

Service Cloud: Is cracking a deal or keeping your customers satisfied harder? The right service cloud determines whether you bring a frown or a smile on your customer’s face. Get world’s number one customer service application for optimum customer management. Revolutionize the alliance between your organization and customers, using the newest in data and device technology to dispense the most personalized customer experience on one platform. Meet their demands from anywhere, anytime. Even get to know each interaction chronologically across all modes of communication. Arm your agents to give the solutions with advanced features like field service, Artificial Intelligence service, platform advantage, digital channels, etc and see how and case resolution happens in a jiffy.

Community Cloud: When we live in a community socially, why not have a cloud community especially when you hit roadblocks trying to connect your team to your customers, partners and other associated third parties. The pluses are incredible and facilitate build of trust and confidence between the client and organization. With Community Cloud, data sharing becomes more accessible, interactions get faster, are more transparent, and there are no zigzags in the chain of communication. You can also form several communities if a given scenario demands or do it permanently as well. Like for instance, you can build a community with HR and IT thus engaging employees to transfer critical information and instructions 24/7. At any given point, you can also change the look and feel, and also migrate your existing community to a Salesforce one. The possibilities are limitless.

Lightning (LEX): The name says it all. It augments key areas like functionality, usability and pace for every user including management, developers and officials. But that’s not the only silver lining in the ‘cloud’. Companies who have subscribed to Lightning have witnessed an upsurge in productivity and optimization of operations. Users vouch for the Lightning App Builder that enables you to build apps visually, without code real fast, using off-the-shelf and custom-built Lightning components. Lightning with its integrated Artificial Intelligence aids businesses to discover insights, predict outcomes, automate responsibilities and foresee the next best step. Lightning with its easy customization features, has been proven to be user-friendly, rocket fast and a game-changer for teams and companies.

Data Migration: The very word, ‘Data Migration’ often makes companies cringe. Usual hiccups include loss of data, hassle of filtering data for transfer, confidentiality worries, identifying the required fields, optional fields, system generated fields and even classifying supplementary fields, if required such as Legacy IDs and business rules etc. When an organization chooses to move to a new platform, every step is pre-conceived as per the client need by Salesforce experts. Wherever your data is, be it your email host, accounting systems, spreadsheets, internal databases, or a legacy CRM system, every piece of information can be smoothly imported without any risk. It is a one-time activity; once the data is transferred into the Salesforce org, a mammoth task like data migration becomes a smooth sail.

Custom Integration: We are living in an era, where everything is tailor-made, so how can Salesforce integration lag behind? In fact, it beats any other customization hollow with its precision to the minutest of detail. The Salesforce Platform enables you to render a cohesive view of your customer with flawless and adaptive integration of state-of-the-art features available at the drop of a click. As a result, you are able to construct a more engaged customer and employee relationship with third-party data integrations. With the Salesforce Platform, you can also bring together contrasting systems, straightaway decreasing integration time to crack and streamline back-office processes. Basically, you could connect your entire scale of data for an integrated assessment of your customer from varying angles and channels.

Ongoing Support: Isn’t change the only constant? Aren’t your organizational landscapes always evolving? Scrutinizing and upgrading at every stage of your business strategy is binding. Organizations who are not foresighted enough, do the mistake of just investing in the initial implementation of a Salesforce product but defer from choosing a support programme. Only one with a futuristic vision and zeal to be up-to-date, acknowledges the compulsion of constant support to evolve with times and business cases. Here, Salesforce support and service becomes pivotal. One can choose from a host of options; from a simple internal admin or hire an outsourced Salesforce Support team or consultant depending upon the size and scope of the requirement. With a carefully selected maintenance plan, one can be always ahead of its times, technically and technologically.