Our digital data analysis tells a story of user experience: where they go, what they read, how they engage with your site.

User Engagement

At A4DM we spend a lot of time looking at data. We pride ourselves on the effectiveness of our analytical approach. Its not just guess work, it’s all in the numbers.

Are users finding your website? And if they are, what are they looking at once they’re there?There are a number of methods our website development team employs to enhance user engagement. These include tactics like interactive chat, branded 1-800 numbers, on-page follow me content, and content that changes depending on user behavior. We want your visitors to work their way through your whole site, not just hit and run.

Our reports allow us to see patterns in how your users navigate. What content resonates with them, and what pages should we change? You’ll learn which pages get the most visits, to exactly how long users spend on each page.

Many website owners are surprised to learn that pages they didn’t think were important are actually their top landing pages! Let us help you take the speculation out of your content development – we’ll build pages and campaigns based on the facts.

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