Call Center

With Call Center service, our team continually monitors your system and makes you aware of connectivity and other issues. If you are experiencing a hot or cold issue or have a question about the system, use your dedicated support extension for real-time help diagnosing equipment performance issues. In addition, our support team will receive and escalate equipment emergency alerts, allowing you to maintain comfort and safety at your facility, and work with you to maintain controlled equipment and thermostat schedules, adjust alerts, and confirm that repairs have been made.


With the Analytics service, the Powerhouse Dynamics team acts as your energy management experts, helping to identify best practices and ways to save. As with the Call Center option, we will continuously monitor connectivity, and we will proactively review equipment performance and provide regular reports on equipment issues and savings opportunities. With this option, you will also receive monthly benchmarking reports on actual savings achieved, and periodic coaching on best practices.

Managed Services

Managed Services combines both Call Center and Analytics to, in effect, augment your in-house staff with additional staff members aimed at helping you minimize problems and maximize savings. All of the services offered in both plans are included in Managed Services to deliver both on-demand expert support and proactive performance analysis with best practice recommendations.