Technology based solutions that help you find the best suited financial institution
Services Availed: : Website Development | Facebook Marketing | Lead Generation
Industry: Finance

Digital Marketing Case Study for FinTech Industry

About the client
Bookmyfinance uses its technology based solutions and helps you find the best suited financial institution / Banks in the market for your financial requirement. BFM, as an organisation, understand that no single financial institution could be the best in all products when it comes to their client’s finance requirement.

The Challenge
As any other innovative startup, BMF was limited on budget and needed cost effective strategies to not only launch a new brand but also create brand awareness and quickly generate leads. They hired few sales resources who were cold calling on a procured database. The response rate of such calls is way too low and they were not getting enough leads. The challenge was to find an alternate strategy that works for sure.

BMF wanted to quick, yet professional website to reflect their services and a bunch of leads everyday so that their sales team can focus on qualifying leads and then converting them to opportunities - with a low budget. They wanted leads to flow in as soon as possible.

Digital Marketing Case Study

Why They Hired Us
A4DM agreed to work within their budget and decided to do a test lead generation campaign. Once successful, A4DM agreed to train BMF for further management of campaigns.

The Solution
A wordpress template was chosen to quickly turn around a new website in 2 weeks. A4DM set up their facebook page and started a lead generation campaign in NCR area. From next day itself, leads started flowing in. Initially, lead aquisition cost was high but with further optimization and AB testing, the cost came down. BMF team was given training to replicate the same campaign to various other cities on their own.

Digital Marketing Case Study

BMF quickly found a way to generate bulk leads without a reccuring cost. They were able to take over from A4DM and run their own campaigns. Their sales team was now focusing on qualifying leads, customer service and creating new opportunities.